Lava Cap Winery Photo

Why the Name "Lava Cap"?

Millions of years ago, the Sierra Nevada mountains roiled with volcanic activity, and lava flowed down from the mountains, covering the foothills. Over thousands of years, much of the hardened lava deteriorated away, but select areas in the Sierra Nevada foothills still have volcanic soil, which can produce fine wine grapes. The Jones family purchased one of the few special sites with volcanic soil to start their vineyard and winery. They decided to name the new business "Lava Cap" because it reflects this unique topography of the site. This "lava cap" is one of the reasons why their wines are so special.

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Lava Cap Winery
2221 Fruitridge Road, Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 621-0175   directions
Tasting Room Hours
10am - 5pm daily (except New Year's Day,
Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)